Lenny at Shoreline Park
"There is a battle underway for the soul of Mountain View. There are some folks who seem happy with gentrification and displacement. I, on the other hand, believe we can preserve our treasured cultural and socioeconomic diversity while maintaining and enhancing our quality of life.
Lenny's weekly bike rides
"From 2015 to 2018, Mountain View responded forcefully to the region’s housing crisis, but progress has slowed under the current regime. While the COVID-19 virus is disrupting the entire economy, including housing construction, the need for additional and more affordable housing surely will continue once the emergency subsides.
Lenny stands with refugees
"Justice is on the ballot this fall. I have been fighting for justice my entire life: racial and ethnic justice, environmental justice, housing justice, health justice, social justice. The continuing struggles for justice are what make America great.

In case you haven’t heard, soon after the polls closed on November 3, it was apparent that the voters were not returning me to the City Council. Obviously, I am disappointed, but I am pleased that two of my allies were elected.

I appreciate all the support I have received. I don’t expect to run for office again, but I am not going away.

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